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Mill Springs, Battle of, Ky., 1862

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Variant(s): Beech Grove, Battle of, Ky., 1862 Cliff Creek, Battle of, Ky., 1862 Cumberland, Battle of the, Ky., 1862 Fishing Creek, Battle of, Ky., 1862 Logan Cross Roads, Battle of, Ky., 1862 Logan’s Cross Roads, Battle of, Ky., 1862 Mill Springs, Battle of, 1862 Mill Springs (Ky.), Battle of, 1862 Nancy, Battle of, Ky., Battle of, 1862 Old Fields, Battle of, Ky., 1862 Somerset, Battle of, Ky., 1862 Webb’s Cross Roads, Battle of, Ky., 1862 See also: Kentucky --History --Civil War, 1861-1865 United States --History --Civil War, 1861-1865 --Campaigns Found in: Dyer, F.H. Comp. to the War of the Rebellion, 1908 (engagement) Adams, J.T. Dict. Amer. hist., 1942 (Mill Springs, Encounter at) Boatner. Civil War dict. (Logan Cross Roads (Mill Springs, Fishing Creek, Somerset, Beech Grove), Ky. 19 Jan. ’62) Civil War day by day (Jan. 19, Saturday 1862. Battle of Mill Springs or Logan’s Cross Roads, Kentucky) Web site Battle of Mill Springs/Fishing Creek, March 25, 2002 (The battle of Mill Springs holds the record for the number of names given to a single Civil War battle ... In addition to Fishing Creek, Logan’s Cross Roads, and Mill Springs ... the battle has also been called the battle of Somerset, Webb’s Cross Roads, Nancy, Cliff (or Clifty) Creek, Old Fields, and the battle of the Cumberland ... The best name would probably be Logan’s Cross Roads, since that was the immediate area of the battle. Fishing Creek is about four miles from the battle site, and Mill Springs is actually nine miles south ... But over the years, and especially in modern literature, the battle has come to be best known as Mill Springs)

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